Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ok, that's enough!

Ok, I'll be honest - I've had enough. Enough of a lot of things, but that's my wife's compliant. I'll focus on just one: I'm ESPECIALLY had enough of ... Christmas.

I know that's not going to win me any points this year, especially with my kids. But really, I'm serious. I've had it with the whole thing.

What does keeping America's economy going, with all-night sales, endless promotions, stupid commercials and - need I say more - malls... what does all that have to do with the most awesome thing that's ever happened in human history - the incarnation of God Almighty in the form of a human? And not just any human, but one born into economic, social and relational poverty? Could the disparity in concepts be more profound?

When did this all become about us... how we want to do things, what we want, what we need, blah-blah-blah.?

How has it all come to this? Namby pamby seasonal programs, with dripping sentimentality, saying meaningless tripe like "the real meaning of christmas is family, togetherness, peace to all men" - what?? And not just on the Lifetime channel - how about this gem from a church in Naperville, Illinois?

Really... anybody have a gift idea for a gift exchange within the Godhead? Glad to see that the Creator of all things is willing to trade healing for a Playstation 3. The incredible thing is that this is viewed by the leadership of a very large "evengelical" church as funny... and important enough to show in their church services as part of the celebration of the season!

(By the way, here's your bonus video thought: Any pastors out there might consider this evangelism tool for the same Naperville multi-venue church):

Here's my suggestion: We can't really chuck the whole thing, and I'm not really against things like family (or even presents). But what if we picked another day to do something totally different from "christmas" today... that is, celebrate Jesus' birth?

For me, and maybe even my family, I'm going to try to do this on December 26 this year. I'll let you know how it goes. But somewhere in the midst of the frantic pace of the season, I'm hoping to spend some quality time with the one who's supposed to be the focus in the first place.

You may have guessed this, but I have a thought as to why we - this generation - is headed further down the spiritual marginalization path even than our parents generation. I'll start that series tomorrow, but here's your homework assignment: Read Psalm 138:2.

Now down to some housekeeping:

1. I agree with Shiloh Guy... I am totally negligent in my blogging responsibilities.

2. I think I should know who Scotland Yard is, but I probably need more of a hint then the obvious reference to past theological/recreational activities. A clue anyone?


Shiloh Guy said...

Those video clips are rather disturbing, to say the least. What won't we do to try to make people think worshiping the Thrice Holy is nothing more than a carnival?

I agree with you about Christmas. I've been overwhelmed by the sheer weight of commercialism this year.

Can we do a cute video that might draw more readers to your significant blogsite?

Shiloh Guy said...

One idea for increasing your readership: Increase the size of your font! I'm going blind!

Anonymous said...

We are all waiting to hear about how your "new Christmas" went. Did any members of your family join you in the birthday celebration? It sounds like a very interesting idea...actually celebrate Christ's birth on Boxing Day! Can you imagine how Hallmark would start to commercialize that? A whole new industry!

No, really. How did it go?

Shiloh Guy said...

Do you remember the old Neil Diamond song that went:
Suley, Suley,

Do you ever respond to your commentors? Dude, why should we pour our hearts out in comments when you never give us any love?

Doulos Christou said...

You guys are right again... :)

The efforts at celebrating a new Christmas were somewhat compromised by school holidays and visitors, but I'm keeping it up.

Has anybody read the book The Suffering Saviour - Meditations on the Last Days of Christ by Krummacher? It's an incredible collection of devotional meditations on the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I'm planning on using it - oh yeah, and that Bible thing :) - to reclaim Easter from Hallmark this year.

Hey Scotland, I know Shiloh, so I have appropriate guilt in stiffing him on the comment/posting thing. (And it is a heavy burden...) Are you waiting for me to hazzard a guess as to your secret identity? Or is it really just Shiloh provoking further guilt??