Thursday, December 14, 2006

Anderson Cooper...

Did you catch the topic of tonight's Anderson Cooper 360 program? It's "What is a Christian?"

Check out his blog at

I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am at the answers one draws to this question. From Christians. Even in the Midwest holy land.

I'd be interested in any comment on the response posted at 1:40pm Eastern, drafted by my wife's husband.


Shiloh Guy said...


I started reading some of the comments to the announcement on Anderson's blog and I had to stop. It's really frightening to read what people are depending on to get them to heaven! If anyone is looking for an illustration of what postmodernism is, they should read those comments! "For me..." "I think..." "It means millions of things to millions of people..." "Everyone has to decide what the Bible means for themselves..."

You know what is really scary to me? The fact that many of these people would be accepted into full membership in almost all of the megachurches in America as genuine believers!

As usual, your comment was spot on!

Now, write me something on your blog!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever respond to the comments brilliant people like The Shiloh Guy put on your posts?

Shiloh Guy said...

OK, look, I'm tired of handling all the complaints from your thousands of loyal readers who keep contacting me to ask why you won't give them a little something to hold them over during the Christmas season! They're starting to feel very neglected, pal, and I don't think I can keep spinning things for you forever! They're all waiting for the "new direction" stuff you promised them. Look, I got your back and all that stuff but I'm not going to take the fall for you. "It's better that one man die for the people..."

Doulos Christou said...

Shiloh - I totally agree with you. It's scarier to me that the former evangelical mecca here in the Western Suburbs is so TOTALLY rotted from the inside out.

The pattern used to be this: BELIEVE first, BECOME second, then BELONG. Can you imagine what Edwards would do with a mindset that says "people want to belong first, then believe later... and become? Well, that's all relative."