Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Caption Contest....

I saw this today - is this a sign of the Apocalypse or what?? I'd love to hear your suggested captions, and here are the catagories:

1. Current American Culture

2. Christmas Commercialization

3. Economic Theory and Practice in Middle-America

4. Today's Evangelicals' Interest in Biblical Truth (that only makes sense if people are leaving the building)

The winning caption get's the NPB4S Guest Blogger Award!


Rob Willmann said...

Caption #1:

In a newsroom setting: "New study shows that the Tokyo subways are 40% LESS crowded than during last year's holiday season."

Caption #2: It's the Grand Opening of the Church of Good Works. (Salvation not required).

Caption #3: Tickets went on sale for the John Tesh/Yanni/Zamfir mega-concert.

Caption #4: It's America's Hottest New Reality Show: "Who Wants to Be a Lemming?"

That's all I can think off offhand, although the phrase "Run for your lives! It's Godzilla" keeps playing through my head.

Doulos Christou said...

Rob's in the early lead. I think that #3 works well again if they are leaving the building!