Sunday, October 07, 2007


I know I'm breaking ALL the rules of good blogging - (don't post irregularly, don't take long absences, and especially don't just link to somebody else), but I read something today that is SO IMPORTANT I had to point it out. Saying it much better than I could, this really hits home to me, and maybe others of you who are very, very tired of the "entertainment" focus of today's "worship" service. So, give this a read - I'd love your comment - ESPECIALLY if you are involved in a "worship" ministry!

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jazzycat said...

Good point. Even worse in my opinion is the churches (Emergent village churches) that make Christianity fit their post-modern liberalism/socialism pluralistic thinking. They deny penal substitution for "following in the way of Jesus". Their focus is on the here and now with a salvation by works focus.

People that are unsound doctrinally due to entertainment Christianity are certainly more susceptible to these false teachings.